How it all began

The Meet Market began as a tiny Christmas market, back in 2007, on the second floor of a bar in Gazi, which no longer exists – K44.  K44 went on to become other things, and so did the Meet Market, starting with just 20 vendors of like-minded designers, crafters, collectors and makers.  The idea was to explore a new type of market, something nomadic and fresh, with well-made products & concepts, and alternative promotion, in a fun, lively, musical setting, open to all.
And so it did just that, and began to grow, attracting more vendors and more visitors each time, establishing a monthly meeting point where creators and appreciators could get together and exchange, share their visions, test their ideas, sell their work, improve, evolve, and create yet another vessel for getting by in these challenging times.


A nomadic market

Our nomadic character is another unique attribute we like to celebrate.  Though we move around, our appointment is stable and consistent – one weekend each month.  As we aim to show the various and vast creative, entrepreneurial initiatives, we also aim to explore & discover the plethora of beautiful spaces, places and venues around, that can host our events.  To date, we have organized over 80 Meet Markets in over 25 venues including Technopolis, T.A.F.(The Art Foundation), Bios, 6 D.O.G.S, Kotzia Square at European Music Day, Synch Festival,Jazz Festival, E.P.A.S.K.T., Athinais Cultural Space, The Association of Greek Archaeologists, Vyrsodepsio, Acharnon 61, Art House (Thessaloniki), Mezzanine, The Port of Pireas, K44, The Grey Building in Saint Irene Square, Romantso, Pure Bliss and Fokianos Sports Center in Zappeio.  Each spaces has it own atmosphere and functionality, and we try and take advantage of this in every way possible.  Moving around also help us keep things fresh and innovative, and allows us to collaborate with various people and groups of cooperators, which in turn, teaches us as organizers something new each and every time.


We are here to

CREATE a contemporary design market in Athens

CELEBRATE local creativity & entrepreneurship

SUPPORT small scale, independent businesses by providing creative ways for them to share and sell their products

CONNECT creators and appreciators/consumers through a local, alternative economy by establishing a direct connection between them

EXPLORE various venues in Athens (and beyond), highlighting their unique charm

EXCHANGE ideas, opinions, skills, knowledge, stories, music, attitudes and tangible goods, always with respect and without fanaticism

INVITE all ages and types of people to join us in a colorful, musical and child & pet friendly environment

ORGANIZE free parallel events alongside The Market Market, including interactive games and theater for kids, workshops, seminars, dance classes, stand-up comedy, album releases, exhibitions, live concerts and more…

GIVE something to everyone. Even without a penny in your pocket, you can come to the Meet Market and leave with a lil’ something from the central TMM information point… we have gifts of pins, cds, posters, raffle for our grand prize and a lot more at every market

THRIVE not just survive. We aim to arm participants with confidence in their work, the skills to promote themselves professionally, and the belief that if they keep working and evolving, they can succeed despite these times of crisis.

The Meet Market exists because of a surplus of impressive ideas, initiatives and efforts that are all around us. Essentially, what we strive to do is celebrate this abundance of entrepreneurship, and reinforce the idea that we can sustain ourselves through alternative, independent pursuits.