“Old Habits” is a beloved habit of Athens.  Basically, its a huge apartment block filled with all sorts of vintage and second-hand collectables, from a small decorative object for your home to a dining room table to a retro motorcycle… and many other treasures from the past, all waiting to be discovered at unbelievable prices at either of their locations.

The first is located in the heart of Athens, right next to Monastiraki Metro Station on Protogenous Street.

The second location is an 8 minute walk from the Kerameikos Metro Station, amongst the traditional bars & cafes on the most happening high-street of Metaxourgeio, on 65, Salaminos Street… right next to Fabrica Market – the oldest bazaar in Athens, with over 1500 square. meters of new merchandise coming through its door every day!

We will be waiting for you!