Joy’s Birth is a men-only traditional Barbershop,specialized in oldschool cuts and hot towel shaves,based in the center of Athens.
19 Pallados Str. Psyrri.

The whole project idea begins in 2012 by Vasilis Serafetinidis and Nina Kavvatha by creating their own team. Now, Joy’s Birth is a traditional Barbershop that aims to provide the highest quality service, specialized in oldschool cuts and hot towel shaves.

-On March 31, 2015 “Days of Old” project came out, giving in the world a taste of old-times and its culture and proudly began the 1st Oldschool/Traditional project that ever done in Greece.

-On June 14, 2016 Joy’s Birth release their Second Chapter of Days of Old. In the second chapter the oldschool spirit was steadily alive but also gave you fresh ideas which maintain and combine perfectly with their oldschool aspect.

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19, Pallados St. Athens


37.9783172, 23.7255328