The tavern Diavlos, a tavern in the heart of bustling Athens in more traditional point Thissio overlooking the Acropolis, next to the Temple of Hephaestus, is the most delightful tasty break after a long day and a reference point after a walk to nearby shops, giving us touches of another era, in a friendly environment with genuine authentic flavors, traditional dishes in the most competitive-low prices.

The family environment, friendly, tastes unique, authentic Mediterranean dishes, cooked with love, from Greek Chefs, with a wide selection of fresh produce, and unmatched quality. The area is unique, historical, the small cobblestone streets to spread the history of ancient Greece, ancient majestic temples are there to remind us of the glorious past and fill us with hope for the fact that Greece is unique and always overcomes any difficulties, Acropolis always there commanding unscathed, the ‘Monastiraki’ with the famous bazaar ( “giousouroum”), quaint antique Plaka, full of monuments of all times, small churches and a mosque, a hammam and the first university in Greece, it is easy to see why our lives one whiff of tradition and taste of Greece.

The tavern Diavlos consists of 3 rooms. Each unique in its own style, one traditional, plakiotiki, with touches of old Athens, a gramophone, an old typewriter, vintage books, sculpted stone harmoniously tied with the colors of the environment, and the wooden ceiling give the final image of the traditional. The second room like something out of old Greek movie, a beautiful courtyard, covered and protected from the weather, with decoration and touches of old Athens and its famous antique shops. The third hall inspired by traditional island cafes, with marble tables, wooden chairs and blue as colors give you the feeling that you are traveling to the endless deep blue of the Greek islands.



1, adrianou st


37.9768861, 23.7213369